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ATLAS® Rope Megalon Rope

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ATLAS® Rope & Megalon Rope(Equivalent to Atlas Rope)

│ATLAS Rope│

  1. Atlas Monofilament and high tenacity Nylon Multifilament
  2. Rope construction is 6-strand cross lay with core
  3. High abrasion resistance.
  4. Superior performance in mooring and winch

│ Megalon Rope (Equivalent to Atlas Rope)│

  1. High Performance Nylon Monofilament and Nylon Multifilament
  2. Excellent durability and very high strength
  3. Excellent UV resitance and good chemical resistance


  1. Mooring line
  2. Winch line
  3. Anchor line
  4. Other industrial heavy-duty use

│ATLAS® Rope & Megalon Rope(Equivalent to Atlas Rope)│

- Spec : ±5% tolerance according to ISO 2307.
- Warning : The Minimum Breaking Load (MBL) should never be considered as the safe working load of the rope

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